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About Personal Training


Steve Pittroff, C.P.T., C.S.N.  


Steve brings nearly 30 years of experience to the Wilmington area, which makes him the most experienced Trainer in the area. He holds three of the most respected professional certifications in the industry of exercise as well as nutrition, and has recently been nominated for the Midwest regions top 100 trainers.

Some of his past experiences include working with division 1 athletics, professional athletes, Olympians, world champions and helping hundreds of individuals reach their health and fitness goals.

Anna Pittroff, C.F.I. General Manager and Trainer 

Anna, a mother of four children, has been an avid fitness enthusiast for almost 30 years and has helped numerous individuals achieve amazing success with weight loss. Her past experiences include working in general health and wellness, weight loss, and core/torso stabilization programs. She also specializes in helping people with their nutritional needs. 



 Inspiring, informing, and educating individuals to actively pursue their potential.



 Realizing that our business wouldn’t exist without you, our clients, we strive to make customer service our number one priority. In order to achieve this, we put the core values at the forefront of our business.



 Understanding that not everybody wants to run a marathon or play professional sports. We respect your goals and will do whatever it takes to see that you reach them.



 Being honest with our clients is the foundation of each relationship. If your goals are realistic and attainable, we will organize a program to accomplish them.



 We are all at different places in our lives: whether it’s age, nutritional habits, genetics or personal goals. So whether you want to score the winning touchdown, do yoga from a wheelchair, or lose 100 pounds - we’ll help create a personalized fitness plan for you and stick with you all the way.



 Fairness is not an attitude but a value, developed and exercised consistently.  Rest assured you will be treated fairly in our relationship.

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