Anthony Varca





If you have made up your mind you are ready for a change, RELAX!, you've already made it past the most challenging mental aspect.  Follow through on that mindset by joining the PHIT family, find what you've been missing out on, and try to prepare yourself for how much excitement and self fulfillment you are about to have. I truly mean what I say.  Hear me out.


I went on for years, slender as usual (6'0" 150lbs soaking wet), the same weight I had been since my sophomore year of HS (I'm now 36).  Even when I was playing competitive sports, I never seemed to be able to gain more than 5lbs.  I always wondered what I would look like at 185lbs with lean muscle.  Apparently I never had the right coach. More on that later...

After watching some friends loose their parents before their own children had a chance to develop lasting memories of "grandma and grandpa", I became determined I was going to make a life choice for not only myself, but also my family; current and future. I was going to improve my health by making fitness a regular part of my lifestyle, and if that 20yr old ambition of wanting to weigh 185lbs with muscle happened...well, all the better!

I had no idea in the beginning that after 8mo of dedication and hard work I'd be +22lbs. Mind you, the hard work I'm talking about is the enjoyable and super rewarding kind - the kind that gives you a mental and emotional high.  

It's hard for me to imagine my life now without those personal training sessions.  Steve has impacted my life in more ways than I can possibly describe here.  His knowledge and experience goes beyond impressive. He is a master of his craft, and is willing to share it all with you to help you reach your goal(s).  With time, you will be blown away by how much you thought you knew - and what you didn't.  And who doesn't like learning new things throughout any process?!

Sorry for the long story. Enough web surfing, you've found the right me.  Make that first appointment. You'll never look back!

Anthony Varca