Frequently Asked Questions

“Is Cross training right for me”?

This is where good coaching starts, and it is one of the reasons we only hire the best! All of our workouts are programmed in house, which means we don’t find another workout on the internet and implement it. Anyone can do that!


If you have special needs, our expert trainers can make the necessary modifications needed to assist you and make sure you're performing each movement safely. Our staff has been designing specialized workout programs for over 20 years, and that knowledge is inherent in each and every one of our workouts. This allows us to have a better understanding of how to work with our customers individually if need be. Cross training is intense, however its universal scale-ability makes it possible for anyone to participate. We keep our class size small, so that we can work with those individuals that require some special modifications to the exercises that they may not be ready to perform. Virtually everyone that starts scales or modifies the workouts, so you won't feel out of place.

“Is Cross training dangerous”?

Cross training is as dangerous as your coach is experienced. We have been coaching, reaching, and executing longer than ANYONE else in Marysville! Cross training is no more dangerous than playing a sport, depending on your understanding of the movements that you will learn and your willingness to not be “pridefully” stupid in your decisions when it comes time to WOD.

Our #1 concern is your safety! We have been doing this a long time. PHIT started as a private athletic training center more than nine years ago. We have experience and know what to look for in order to keep you safe. Jumping off of the curb in your neighborhood can be dangerous - naturally jumping onto tall boxes can be also. Listening to your coaches will ensure that when you're performing something a little out of your “comfort zone," you will be doing so safely.

"Why is Cross training so expensive”?

Chances are if you're paying a cheap rate you're going to get a cheap return. Sorry, that’s life!
The best athletes in the world have coaches for a reason. You would have to pay more than 2x as much for a personal trainer. Our trainers are the best around so they don’t come cheap. Besides, we are still one of the least cheapest in the area.