JohN Heck




“It’s not how many times you get knocked down in life, it how many times you get back up” 
I have always been involved in some type of sports my entire life. High school track, basketball in the Navy and collegiate basketball all were my passion. After my basketball days were over in my late forties, I took up running, running for running sake, not just to stay in shape for another sport. I guess you could say, I became addicted, and actually ended up running seven marathons. 
After a car accident in 2005, my running took a serious hit and my fitness level suffered, as did my attitude. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I convinced myself that I could continue to eat at the same level that I did when I ran forty miles a week, even though I had become very sedentary.  

I was sitting in the parking lot at the Dairy Queen in Marysville, and noticed a white car there that had the letters P.H.I T. on the door and a phone number. So, I wrote down the number, and called in the next day to make an appointment. I really did not know what to expect, but when I met Steve and Anna, my fears were soon behind me.  
I was welcomed not because of my athletic prowess or ability, but as a middle aged former athlete, who was simply trying to salvage my life.  

Steve developed a plan for me that challenged me, yet did not push me beyond my capabilities. I saw improvement in my physical ability to perform the everyday activities that were becoming more difficult, due to my decreased fitness level.  
I considered my first knockdown the car accident in 2005, and P.H.I.T helped get me back on my feet. 
Knockdown number two came while working out at P.H.I.T. on hot humid May day, when I had a heart attack after a workout. Three stents later, I was back in the gym with Steve and Anna beginning my second recovery.  
I continue to battle, and even after a second rear end collision that tore a rotator cuff and separated my bicep this past December, I am now back with a modified regimen that challenges me, and at the same time I feel I am progressing to a higher level than I was before.

Steve doesn’t just tell you what weights to lift or what exercises to do, he explains in detail what muscle groups you are working and the effect that the particular exercise has on your fitness level.  
The people of P.H.I.T., both the instructors and the other clients, welcome everyone. It’s not about age, or current fitness level, it’s about people with a common goal, being the best you can be, and not comparing your level to others. I consider these people to be not only people I work out with, but I consider them to be my friends. At 66 years old, I feel blessed, to have a place to go, to not be judged, and to work out and share that common goal with others. I have exercise equipment at home, and it makes a great clothes rack.


If you are not motivated, you will not use it. The P.H.I.T crew helps motivate and challenge me, for which I feel very fortunate. 


John Heck