We love CrossFit. We love high-intensity training. We are personal trainers with a passion for physical fitness. We were the first facility in Union Co. to offer Boot-Camp fitness. We were the first gym in Union Co. to offer CrossFit, and now we are the first to offer a Strength and Conditioning class designed to blend the two together.

Everyone needs to be challenged and empowered. Not everybody wants, or needs to perform Olympic weightlifting, climb tall ropes or walk on their hands. CrossFit can be overwhelming and intimidating for some people. Conversely, in Bootcamp classes it is uncommon to lift weights significant enough to elicit a real muscle building/strengthening stimulus. This is where Met-Con conditioning classes come in!

We understand individuals have individual goals, needs, limitations, fears, abilities. We believe no other training facility in Union Co. understands this quite as much as we do. Virtually everyone that comes through our doors has “special conditions" - knee replacement, hip replacement, arthritis, etc! We can help you too!

We are the most physician referred facility in Union County. PHIT was founded in 2008 and for the last two years has won “The Best Gym in Marysville” award.

Met-Con Conditioning Class will be a six week, comprehensive program designed with each individual in mind, initiating with a body composition assessment to establish a baseline starting point. In depth nutritional guidance will focus on your personal goals. The six weeks will end with another body composition assessment. We will be with you every step of the way!

You will lift weights relative to your abilities and be encouraged to lift heavily - you will surprise yourself! You will perform powerlifting, bodybuilding, and fitness exercises. The trainers will make sure everything you do is correct and safe before you are encouraged to do it.

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