"Over the last 20 years I have been involved in researching many fad diets, including diets that will help you lose weight, gain weight, increase energy, powder, pills, and more. The bottom line is that everyone needs a long-term sustainable solution to their eating habits that incorporates strategies that meet their individual needs and preferences with a food first approach. That is why I have selected Advocare Nutritional Products as the solution to the dieting mystification."
                        Stephen Pittroff, CPT, CSN, CSCS
                        PHIT Personal Training and Performance Center - Owner
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With literally thousands of nutritional supplements available today, how do you choose what’s best for your body? How do you know which ones are effective, high quality and safe? It can be overwhelming, especially when we consider the importance of caring for our body. The desire to be as fit and healthy as possible, to feel sustained energy and increase mental focus, to have youthful, beautiful skin, and to live long, vibrant lives is the heart of every American. But where do you begin?
There is no shortage of new theories on what so-called “experts” consider to be proper nutrition, from fad diets to anti-aging secrets. However, these come-and-go whims are most often targeted at gaining a quick buck, not at providing long- lasting nutritional success. Advocare products are based on solid, proven science that is trend- setting, not trend-following. We search the world for the most recent, most significant scientific findings, and use this data collectively to formulate products that are second-to-none.

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