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Personal Training is at the core of what we offer....our niche. We offer "private" personal training in a "State-of-the-art" facility, in Wilmington North Carolina. As the area’s premier personal training organization with over 30 years experience, we are passionately committed to providing a world-class experience to individuals striving to reach their fitness goals. Our Passion is your health and well being. 


Why hire a "Personal Expert"? 

Have you ever wondered if your exercise program is the most effective, or why you are not getting the results you are expecting, even though it seems like you are trying hard?

Steve Pittroff personal training and performance will assign a trainer qualified to work with your special needs. Whether that means working around arthritis or an injury or alleviating them completely. Maybe you are aiming for more muscle and or less fat. The trainers are all qualified, certified, credible professionals with years of experience in the fitness, health, and nutrition industry. They will tailor a workout just for you, and make your exercise session a combination of fitness and fun.


"If you follow our program,  you are guaranteed results!

At our center you will find that VISION, VALUES, RESPECT, HONESTY, COMPASSION, and FAIRNESS are not just words, but our way of life!

Contact Steve today @  (937) 707-8009 for a Free , No obligation Fitness assessment !

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