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The Marysville Power Lifting Club was founded in an effort to provide the aspiring athlete a competitive weightlifting atmosphere. Encompassing the "Big 3" lifts, Bench Press, Dead lifts, and Squat, as well as numerous accessory exercises to develop these lifts to be at a competitive level.

2019 2nd Place Ohio State High School Champions

As uncertain as we are in these unique times, we are with this upcoming 20/21 Powerlifting season. As of right now, Winter sports seem to be on the chopping block for High School Sanctioned events. In light of this, we are still planning on conducting the Training and Coaching in the same way we would if we were knowingly going to compete. We may host Powerlifting Meets "internally" amongst each other. We may be invited to "duel" another High school team, late in the Winter we might find out about a spontaneous competition and decide to attend...One thing is for certain, this is going to be a unique season. We will do our best to update and inform each Athlete and parent as events pertaining to our schedule unfold. 

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2020 / 21 Season Schedule

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